Collaborative Learning in Action

Collaborative Learning In Action
Posted on 05/14/2024
We are thrilled to share that Governor Dan McKee recently paid a visit to Peace Dale School, to show his support for the school's ongoing partnership with the University of Rhode Island (URI) and the Johnnycake Center. This visit served as a strong testament to the collaborative efforts between these institutions, reaffirming their commitment to fostering a vibrant learning environment for our students.

At the heart of this partnership is the Learn 365 Grant, an innovative program that has enabled our students at Peace Dale School to work closely with URI education and Political Science students. The primary objective of this collaboration is to enhance our students' reading skills, a fundamental aspect of their academic growth.

The URI students have been a regular presence at Peace Dale, visiting the school at 3:30 PM on Mondays and Thursdays. These sessions have been instrumental in creating a supportive learning space, offering students the opportunity to engage with their URI counterparts, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and mutual learning. The culmination of these efforts was the visit from Governor McKee.