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     The first Peace Dale Elementary School, built in 1854, was a one-room building. The current school was built on land donated by Isaac Peace Hazard in 1922. Thirty thousand dollars, which was appropriated by the town, along with additional contributions from the Hazard family, allowed for the construction of a new school.

     The brick building with slate roof consisted of two wings facing a courtyard, connected at the north by an assembly hall. The west wing had five rooms and housed older students, while younger children studied in the four rooms of the east wing. The school library and cafeteria were located in the basement below the west wing. This building was dedicated on Saturday, September 8, 1923.

     Peace Dale Elementary School has since undergone major additions; however the original facade, including brick exterior and slate roof, remains intact. The school presently has a full size gymnasium, a centrally located media center, a computer lab, and thirty classrooms. The school has the potential of accommodating 625 students with approximately 380 children presently enrolled. Although this once little schoolhouse has undergone significant alterations, the spirit of enthusiasm and commitment for learning and teaching remains intact. Peace Dale Elementary School continues to strive to reach each and every child that walks through its doors.