Peace Dale School Profile

Peace Dale Elementary School
109 Kersey Road
Peace Dale, RI 02879
Telephone: (401) 360-1600
Phone Menu:
Press 2 - to report a student as absent/tardy
Press 3 - to connect to the nurse
Press 4 - to connect to the principal
Press 5 - to connect to the Dean of Students
Press 7 - to access the staff directory
Press 0 - to connect to the main office
FAX:   (401) 360-1601

Principal:Jonathan Rapport
Staff : Click Here

School Day:
8:53am- 3:13pm
Students are marked tardy after 8:53am
Please drop off students no earlier than 8:32am


  "No school", "early school closing", or "delayed school openings" will be announced on television and radio for South Kingstown School Department and by automated phone message via SCHOOL MESSENGER.  It is the responsibility of families to make appropriate arrangements for their children's supervision at home.

Television Stations:  ABC6, NBC10, CBS12, FOX64
Radio Stations:  WHJJ 920AM, B 101FM, WSNE 93.3FM, WHJY 94FM

  In the event of an emergency evacuation, we will automatically relocate to a safe location.  Every attempt will be made to notify as many families as possible.  However; we may not have access to phones or time constraints may limit our ability to contact everyone.  Students will be dismissed as usual at the end of the school day.

Mission Statement
  We envision Peace Dale School as a community of learners in which the social, emotional, physical and academic needs of its members are fully met. Parents, students and staff will be equal partners in our success. The highest standards of cooperative, collaborative and collegial behavior will be the norm.

Educational excellence will be the standard achieved by encouraging students and adults to take risks and to expand on traditional ideas.  Children will be prepared for the demands of tomorrow and for life in a technological society.

The experience at Peace Dale School is characterized by diversity within our school community. We will celebrate this diversity for it strengthens community and enriches our learning.

Student Enrollment:
As of September 2021, there are over 380 students enrolled at PDES, in grades Kindergarten through Fourth.

Faculty & Staff:
The administrative staff consists of a principal and a dean of students.  The professional staff includes 20 classroom teachers and special interventionists.  There is also a media specialist, a school psychologist, a social worker and a school nurse.  We have several para-professional aides to support teaching and learning.  For a complete listing of the PDES staff, please click here.

Peace Dale Elementary School is located on the Atlantic Coast, 32 miles south of Providence, Rhode Island, in the historic village of Peace Dale within the Town of South Kingstown. The town covers an area of 63 square miles with a population of 30,000.

The main campus of the University of Rhode Island is within five miles of Peace Dale Elementary School.