Peace Dale Celebrates 100 Years

Peace Dale Celebrates 100 Years
Posted on 10/04/2023
Peace Dale 100

Peace Dale Elementary School recently marked a historic milestone as it celebrated its 100th anniversary with a fun commemorative event that brought together students, teachers, and alumni. This momentous occasion was a testament to the enduring legacy of an institution dedicated to education, growth, and community spirit. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the festivities that made this centenary celebration truly remarkable.

The celebration kicked off with a heartwarming performance by the current students of Peace Dale Elementary. The young talents of the school serenaded the audience with beautiful songs that resonated with the joy and pride of being part of such a cherished institution.

To appreciate the journey of Peace Dale Elementary, a presentation on the school's history was made. This session delved into the school's evolution from its inception to its current form, showcasing the growth and transformation it has undergone over the past century.

One of the standout features of the celebration was the symbolic gesture of awarding gold crowns to each student. These crowns not only represented the academic achievements of the students but also symbolized the legacy they carry forward as future torchbearers of Peace Dale Elementary's values and traditions.

The event was made even more special with the presence of past teachers and administrators who had once played a vital role in shaping the lives of countless students. Their return to the school was a heartwarming reunion, as they shared their own memories and stories with the current generation.

No celebration is complete without a sweet treat, and cupcakes were the perfect choice for this occasion. Students and attendees indulged in delicious cupcakes, adding a delightful touch to the festivities and creating a sense of togetherness.

Principal Jon Rapport, emphasized the importance of understanding the school's history and the contributions of countless individuals over the years. He rightly noted, "I think it's important for the students to understand the history of the school community and make sure they see all the people over the years who have come together to make this school a special place." His words encapsulated the spirit of the celebration.


As a grand finale, the students gathered on the blacktop outside the school to create a human formation of the number "100." This symbolic gesture signified the unity, strength, and longevity of Peace Dale Elementary, encapsulating a century of excellence.


Peace Dale Elementary School's 100th-anniversary celebration was a momentous occasion that not only celebrated its rich history but also looked forward to a bright future. Through songs, presentations, symbolic crowns, and the presence of past and present members of the school community, the event captured the essence of what makes Peace Dale Elementary a special place. As the school continues to inspire and nurture generations of students, this 100 year celebration serves as a reminder of the enduring spirit and impact of this beloved institution.