Expectation Chart

In order to clarify our expectation at school that all students show respectful, responsible, and safe behavior at all times, we break down each goal into smaller, concrete behaviors and explicitly teach them as they are applied to different areas of the school.  For example, we define what respectful behavior looks like in the hallway -- then teach and reinforce those specific behaviors, like using quiet voices, respecting the space of others in the hallway, etc.  All these specific behaviors are put together on a teaching matrix that is displayed throughout the building so that students can easily refer to it.  Through this matrix, behavioral expectations are made very clear to students.

School PBIS Matrix

be respectful
follow class rules

use appropriate words & quiet voices
give others privacy

stay in your own space

use bathroom appropriately
respect others space

be aware of other classes

follow adult direction

use quiet voices
play fairly

respect other's space

include everyone

use appropriate words & quiet voices
respect other's space

use quiet voices

listen to adults

allow anyone to sit ext to you

use proper manners
look at & listen to presenter

no talking

respect other's space

respond appropriately to the program
follow bus driver & monitor's directions

allow anyone to sit next to you

use appropriate words & quiet voices
be responsible
do your best

do all your work

do your own work

take care of your things

do your homwork

have all materials ready for class
flush the toilet

be quick

inform adult of low supplies & bathroom concerns

put trash in garbage

use bathroom at apprpriate times

use closest bathroom
keep hallways clean

walk facing forward

keep hands & bodies off walls

go directly to your destination
stay in recess area

ask permission to go inside

stay away from fence

stop & listen when whistle blows

line up when asked
stay in line

clean your area

bring your lunch money

bring your jacket
follow directions

be attentive

sit quietly before, during, and after the performance
be on time

keep the bus clean

be prepared & ready to enter & exit the bus
be safe
keep hands& feet to yourself

use materials wisely
use soap & water for hand washing

keep soap & water in sink
walk slowly & safely

keep hands & feet to yourself

stay in your line
use equipment properly

follow adult directions

do not throw anything over the fence
walk slowly& safely

sit on chairs with feet on floor
keep aisles clear

stay seated

keep hands & feetto yourself
sit & stay seated

keep hands & feet to yourself

keep aisle clear

Home PBIS Matrix
Parents can use the same idea effectively at home to make their behavioral expectations clear to their children.  You can create your own family matrix of specific behaviors you want to reinforce that define respect, responsibility, and safety at home.   It's best to create it with the help of your children so that they have ownership in it.  Then you might post it in various places in the house so that your children can easily refer to it.  Here is an example of a Home Matrix and Here is a blank Home Matrix that you can use in setting up your own.  We hope that you find it helpful!