Bus Discipline

Bus Discipline

Three rules apply to all areas of the school. The school bus is considered an extension of the school. Be Respectful, Be responsible, Be Safe.

The policy governing suspension of bus privileges is published in the South Kingstown District Calendar & Handbook. It is briefly outlined as follows:

First Offense
Verbal reprimand, parent contact
Second Offense
Parent contact, school consequence
Third Offense
Five (5) school-day bus suspension and conference with parent, bus driver, student, and principal
Fourth Offense
Bus suspension for remainder of year

Bus students must see that books and personal belongings are kept out of the aisles. Special permission must be granted by school authorities and the bus company to transport large items.  Band instruments that cannot be kept on the student's lap may not be permitted on the bus.  School projects which cannot be kept on the student's lap are not permitted.  Students must ride their assigned buses, getting on and off at their assigned stops.